We kindly inform the Entitled Parties that in all liquidation processes initiated after the day of 01 September 2009, based on §46, paragraph (8) of the multiply amended Act XLIX (on Bankruptcy) of 1991, provided the liquidator admitted the announced claim, but the entitled party has no intention to pay the registration fee to the Economic Office of the Court, then, upon the entitled party’s request, the liquidator is obliged to immediately issue the confirmation relating to the irredeemable status of the claim against the payment of HUF 2.000 + VAT as reimbursement of expenses about the admitted claim, in compliance with the paragraph (4), subchapter c) of Act C of 2000 on Accountancy, provided that following to the initial date of liquidation process the announced claim has not been endorsed, and no coverage is expected to satisfy the requirement of the entitled party.

The reimbursement of expenses in the amount of HUF 2.000 + VAT – with simultaneous designation of debtor under liquidation process – is to be transferred onto the following bank account of CRAC-ORG Zrt:

OBERBANK AG Branch in Hungary