Dear Partner,

     The continuously changing economic environment creates new challenges, to which only innovative enterprises are able to correspond to entirely. The Alpha and Omega of the market participation is the conformability and development. To answer the call of this consequence our company has decided on innovation in 2003, and seceding from the earlier structure of the legal predecessor - whose history originated from the time periods of the change of the political system in 1991 - started self-reliable operation. The Ministry of Finance issued the authorisation for managing liquidation processes to Crac-Org Zrt in January 2004. Our company can be found in the registry of liquidators in effect from 3 March 2021.
In the course of our operation we perform consultancy on reorganisation, bankruptcy management and crisis management, conduct property administration and convey property settlement processes. The majority of our appointments covers liquidation and final settlement cases, our activity involves almost all segments of the economy, and expands to the entire area of the country.

Pálfiné Titl Anett General Director